Creating multi-game DVD menus using Media X Menu

This tutorial is designed to aid those who want to quickly, and reliably, make multi-game discs using Media X Menu with the AutoConfig feature. While there are a lot more options available, this tutorial covers the bare minimum that must be defined to create valid configuration files for putting multiple Xbox applications on one disc.

1. Determine the games that you will be placing onto a single disc, with the total size coming to something under 4.3GB in size.

2. Extract the files using xISO or a similar tool into their own directories (see other tutorials for more details), such that each game has it's own directories.
Each game should have an "xbe" file and it's accompanying data files and directories in each subdirectory created.

3. Create you "ISO" directory. this is the directory where you will generate your disc image from:

4. Place default.xbe from the MXM binaries in this directory and copy the DefaultSkin folder in there as well. (NOTE: For version 0.9e or below, you'll need the "Media" directory here as well)

5. In notepad, create a file with the following text:

<DiscTitle>DVD 001</DiscTitle>
<DiscSubtitle>Collection of games</DiscSubtitle>

and save the file to the ISO directory as "MXM.xml" (NOTE: include the QUOTES around the filename, so notepad will be forced to place the file correctly; otherwise it may try and name the file as mxm.xml.txt, which would be wrong.

6. In each game directory, put an image named "" where xxx is the image's extension (JPG, BMP, TGA, GIF, PNG, or WMV) representing
a screenshot or movie to be displayed for the game in the menu.

7. For each game, using notepad, create the following entries:

<Title>Game Title</Title>
<Description>Game Description</Description>

Common sense says you put the appropriate information in here for each game, and save the file to each game directory (after changing the title and description) as "MXM_Entry.xml" NOTE: Again with the quotes!! Force notepad to put the correct extension on it!

8. Now move those game directories into the D:\DVD001 directory you created...


...and you should be ready to build your disc image from the files and directories from D:\DVD001 and below.

9. Create your ISO using GDFIMAGE or IsoMaker or similar tools for XDFS, or simply drag them to Prassi PrimoDVD or RecordNow Max to create a UDF image It should look like this:

\Media\ (not required for versions 0.9f and greater)

when the image is build on the disc. Each of the game directories will also have their own MXM_Entry.xml and MXM_SS.* files